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011 - Blood Test Screens for 50 Cancer Types

A New Genetic Discovery Leads to Breakthrough in Lung Cancer Treatment Why can’t I fall asleep at night? Research results shed some light on the problem. Ultralight fabric solar cell can turn any surface into a power source A Breakthrough Medical Procedure can Eliminate Prostate Cancer in One Hour. A New Blood Test Identifies over 50 Types of Cancer in a Breakthrough in Early Cancer Detection.

010 - The most Electrifying Indicator in Economics

Experimental Compound Shown to Block Effects of both Opioid and Non-Opioid Drugs Cancer mRNA Vaccine Completes Pivotal Trial Apple waste may find use in health-boosting chicken feed A New Low-Output Battery Could Last for 1000’s of Years and Power the Internet of Things A New Global Poverty Indicator is discovered. The most electrifying indicator in Economics.

009 - Iceland Sets Goal to be FIRST Carbon Neutral Country

Human Brain Tissue Implanted in Mice Responds to Light Just Like Other Brain Tissue. A New “Heat Engine” Produces Electricity With Zero Moving Parts Using Unrecyclable Plastic Waste in Road Asphalt The Airline Industry May Soon be Disrupted by “Flying Air Taxis” The Size and Scope of the Mayan Empire is revealed by LiDAR Survey in Guatemala. Iceland sets the goal to be the first carbon-neutral country

Great News in Medicine

Technology and Innovation can improve our lives and eliminate disease

Visionary Triumph: New York Surgeons Achieve First Successful Whole-Eye Transplant

The successful completion of the world’s first whole-eye transplant by surgeons in New York marks a historic milestone in medical…

Breakthrough in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Research

This discovery holds great promise for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases...

Once-a-Year Wonder: New Drug Revolutionizes Cholesterol Treatment!

A groundbreaking one-dose drug, lepodisiran, is turning the tide in the fight against genetic bad cholesterol. Its ability to reduce…

Great News in Conservation

Wildlife is being protected and are flourishing around the world

Dominica Creates a Sperm Whale Sanctuary

In recent years, the plight of sperm whales has gained significant attention as conservation efforts intensify to protect these majestic…

Foster a Furry Friend, Find a Forever Home

The findings from Virginia Tech offer a simple yet profound solution to increase shelter dog adoptions: brief outings or foster…

The Extinction and Endangered Species Quiz

Ever felt like Mother Nature’s favorite playlist consists of heartbreaking tunes about endangered species? You’re not alone. We get it.…

Great News in Longevity

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Epigenetic Reprogramming Platform in the works from Moonwalk

Moonwalk Bio has funding to create an epigenetic platform for treating illnesses by targeting the epigenetic signals. And they think…

Revolution in Regeneration: Unveiling the Secrets of Stem Cell Aging

The research on cellular decline and stem cell aging provides a hopeful outlook on the possibility of not just understanding…

Plant-Based Diet's Health Benefits

A recent meta-analysis revealed that switching from animal-based products to plant-based alternatives can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases,…


Economic Development Making the World a Better Place

Building Dreams: Washington's Big Move for Affordable Housing

In a significant stride towards addressing the affordable housing crisis, the Washington Department of Natural Resources has embarked on an…

Population Growth is NOT out of control

As I write this post, the World's population has reached 8 Billion people. This has triggered a lot of commentary…

55 Positive Quotes about human population growth

Population Growth gets a bad reputation from the mainstream news and the entertainment industry. But population growth isn' a bad…

The World is a Better Place than you think...

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Child Mortality

Only 200 years ago the child mortality rate was over 40%? 

It was normal for a family to lose three or four children.

Now it is extremely rare to lose a childand improving every year.


Violence and Crime

Did you know that violent crime has been steadily declining over time?

The long term trend is that violence is decreasing.

Global Poverty

Global Poverty is declining each decade. The number of countries in abject poverty is down 80 % in the last 50 years.


The forests around the world are being cleared to make way for cash crops like sugar cane and for cattle farms. But some areas are being reclaimed around the world.


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Great News Stories

Infant Mortality

One of the benchmarks for the development of a society is the infant mortality rate.

Did you know that just 300 years ago the infant mortality rate was more than 30%?

And the Child Mortality rate was 55%!

Violence & Crime

One of the benchmarks for the development of a society is the infant mortality rate.

Did you know that just 300 years ago the infant mortality rate was more than 30%?

And the Child Mortality rate was 55%!

Global Poverty

One of the benchmarks for the development of a society is the infant mortality rate.

Did you know that just 300 years ago the infant mortality rate was more than 30%?

And the Child Mortality rate was 55%!

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