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Today is March 24th, and welcome to The Daily Quote – a podcast designed to kickstart your day in a positive way. I’m your host, Andrew McGivern, and I’m happy you are here with me today.

March 24th is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, dedicated to raising awareness about the ongoing fight against TB and celebrating the lives saved through prevention and treatment efforts. Now, TB might not seem like the most uplifting topic, but it’s a reminder of the resilience and strength we possess in the face of challenges. It’s about triumph over adversity, and that’s something to draw inspiration from.

Just ahead, today’s quote is from Christopher Reeve.

Christopher Reeve was an American actor, best known for his role as Superman in the 1978 film and its sequels. His career, however, took a dramatic turn in 1995 when he was paralyzed in a horse-riding accident, which left him a quadriplegic. Despite his severe physical limitations, Reeve became a prominent advocate for spinal cord research and for people with disabilities. He demonstrated immense resilience and hope, inspiring many with his activism and determination to improve the lives of others. Christopher Reeve’s legacy extends beyond his film roles, embodying the spirit of overcoming adversity and championing causes that aim to enhance the quality of life for those affected by spinal cord injuries.

Christopher Reeve once said…

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

This quote is particularly poignant on World Tuberculosis Day. TB has been one of the greatest health challenges globally, yet through hope, innovation, and collective effort, we have made significant strides in combating this disease.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global incidence of TB has been falling at about 2% per year. From 2000 to 2019, there was a 9% reduction in TB incidence worldwide.

And during the same period, TB deaths fell by approximately 42%.

Which brings us back to today’s quote…

Choosing hope, as Reeve suggests, is about seeing beyond current struggles to the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s about believing in the potential for change and improvement, much like the ongoing efforts to combat TB. Hope drives researchers to find better treatments, communities to support each other, and individuals to persevere through treatment.

So, today, let’s embrace the message of World Tuberculosis Day and the wisdom of Christopher Reeve. Let’s choose hope and remember that with it, we can face the challenges before us, no matter how daunting they may seem. Our collective efforts can lead to incredible achievements, just as they have in the fight against TB.

Thank you for sharing your morning with me. May today’s quote inspire you to choose hope and see the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Have a wonderful day, filled with hope, strength, and the belief that anything is possible.

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