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Today is May 3rd, and welcome to The Daily Quote—a podcast designed to kickstart your day in a positive way. I’m your host, Andrew McGivern, and thank you! I can see in my stats that some of you did indeed hit the follow button (or subscribe) in your podcast app this week.

Today is National Textiles Day, a day to appreciate the fabrics that make up our everyday lives—literally! From the cotton in our t-shirts to the wool in our winter hats, textiles are woven into every part of our lives, much like the threads of a sturdy, comforting quilt. And speaking of comforting, today’s quote aligns beautifully with the essence of what textiles provide—comfort, warmth, and a touch of creativity. Our quote today comes from the renowned designer, Coco Chanel, who once said,

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

This quote not only highlights the importance of comfort in the things we often take for granted, like textiles, but it also challenges us to think about luxury in a different light.

Luxury isn’t always about the highest price tag or the flashiest product. Sometimes, it’s about the simple pleasures that make daily life a bit more pleasant—like a well-made piece of clothing that feels like a second skin. As we go about our day, let’s think about the textiles that touch our lives. Let’s appreciate the comfort they provide and consider investing in quality over quantity. Whether it’s choosing a shirt that will last for years or a blanket that will warm countless chilly evenings, remember, comfort is the truest form of luxury. Thank you for joining me today on The Daily Quote. May your day be woven with joy and comfort, and remember to make room for a little luxury—it might be simpler to attain than you think. Have a wonderful day, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow with another thought to ponder.

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