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Hello and welcome to January 30th! I’m your host, Andrew McGivern and You’re listening to The Daily Quote, a podcast dedicated to bringing you a daily inspirational quote to kickstart your day!

Thank you for joining me today…

Did you know that today is National Croissant Day, a day dedicated to the flaky, buttery goodness of this beloved pastry? Originating in Austria and perfected in France, the croissant is a symbol of culinary craftsmanship and the simple pleasures that can bring joy to our daily lives.

National Croissant Day

Up Next, In the spirit of craftsmanship and delight in the simple things, today’s quote is from the famous poet, Mary Oliver:

Mary Oliver once said,

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

Oliver’s words are a beautiful reminder to be present in the moment, to marvel at the world around us, and to share our experiences with others. Just as each layer of a croissant is crafted with care and attention, we should approach our lives with the same mindfulness and appreciation for the details.

As we savor the delights of National Croissant Day and ponder the wisdom of Mary Oliver, let’s consider how we can apply these instructions to our own lives. What can you pay more attention to today? What astonishes you about the world? How can you share your sense of wonder with others?

As we wrap up today’s episode, I hope Mary Oliver’s words inspire you to live fully, to cherish the wonders around you, and to share your unique perspective with the world.

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Thank you for spending part of your January 30th with me. Remember, every day is an opportunity to notice the beauty in life and to express your amazement.

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