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Today is May 17th, and welcome to The Daily Quote—a podcast designed to kickstart your day in a positive way. I’m your host, Andrew McGivern, and thanks being here today for another quote…

Today also marks National Pack Rat Day, a light-hearted holiday that shines a spotlight on all of us who might hold on to things a bit too long. Whether it’s old concert tickets, stacks of magazines, or that random collection of hotel key cards, today’s the day to acknowledge our little hoards—or as I like to call them, “collections of memories”.

In the spirit of not letting go, our quote today comes from the insightful Spanish filmmaker, Luis Buñuel, who said:

“Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”

This quote tickles the funny bone but also digs a bit deeper into today’s theme. Just like a good cheese, sometimes the things we keep can mature beautifully, gaining value and meaning over time. However, it’s also a nudge to remind us that not everything ages as gracefully—sorry, old tax returns, you’re not making the cut. At least not after 7 years…

So as we consider our own collections today, think about what items you’ve been holding onto that might have matured into something more meaningful. And maybe, just maybe, think about what could stand to be cleaned out. After all, every collector knows—the value lies not in the quantity, but in the significance of each piece.

Thanks for joining me today on The Daily Quote. May you find joy in the old, value in the kept, and space for the new. Have a fantastic day ahead, and remember, if age doesn’t matter for cheese, maybe we can learn to look at our keepsakes—and ourselves—a bit more kindly.

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