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Good day and welcome to the January 9th edition of the Daily Quote. I’m Andrew McGivern and I’m here to share the quote of the day with you in the hope that it sparks some inspiration to make your day go from good to great!

As we navigate through these early days of the new year, it’s a great time to find motivation and guidance in the words of great thinkers. Thanks you for joining me today.

If you are listening for the first time, I’m glad you’re checking out the show. I hope you love it.

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This is a great day… you probably already know that it is National Static Electricity Day. But you probably don’t know that I used to have a static charge super power! More on that later.

National Static Electricity Day… It’s a day to celebrate and be curious about this fascinating natural phenomenon that we’ve all experienced. Static electricity reminds us of the wonders and mysteries of the natural world, often hidden in the simplest of things.

Next up, a quote from the acclaimed author, J.R.R. Tolkien:

JRR Tolkien said,

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

This quote, from Tolkien’s epic ‘The Lord of the Rings’, is a beautiful reminder of the value of exploration and adventure, both in the physical world and within ourselves. It suggests that wandering, in the sense of exploring and seeking, is not a sign of aimlessness but rather a purposeful journey of discovery.

As we progress through the day let’s think about the playful spark of static electricity and the profound wisdom in Tolkien’s words, let’s embrace our journeys. Whether you’re exploring new places, ideas, or aspects of yourself, remember that wandering can be a powerful way to find meaning and understanding.

As we wrap up today’s episode, I hope this quote inspires you to explore freely and to embrace the journey of life with curiosity and openness.

As for my Static Electricity Super Power… well, in grade 4 the hallways in school were carpeted and perfect for rubbing your feet to build up a static charge. So all the kids would do it and spark wars. Mine were the strongest and most feared and I was convinced that I was developing into ELECTRO MAN.

But by grade five I’m not sure what happened but it just wasn’t a thing anymore…

Thank you for spending part of your January 9th with me. Until next time, remember: every journey, every wander, is an opportunity for discovery and growth.

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