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Hello and welcome to January 29th! I’m your host, Andrew McGivern and you’re listening to The Daily Quote, a podcast bringing you a daily inspiring quote to kick start the day!

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Did you know that today is… National Puzzle Day, is a day that honors the enjoyment and challenges that puzzles bring into our lives. From jigsaws to Sudoku, puzzles stretch our minds, offer a sense of achievement, and even bring people together in shared problem-solving adventures.

Just ahead,

In the spirit of piecing together complexities and seeking solutions, today’s quote from the renowned writer, Marcel Proust:

Marcel Proust once said,

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Proust’s profound words remind us that discovery and understanding often come from seeing the familiar in new and different ways. Just as puzzles require us to look at individual pieces to understand the whole picture, our perspective is key to understanding the world around us.

As we engage with the challenges of National Puzzle Day and reflect on the insights of Marcel Proust, let’s consider our own perspectives. How can you look at the world with ‘new eyes’ today? What familiar situations might reveal something new and unexpected if you shift your viewpoint?

As we wrap up today’s episode, I hope Marcel Proust’s words inspire you to embrace a fresh perspective and to appreciate the discoveries that come from seeing the world differently. Thank you for spending part of your January 29th with me.

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Remember, every day is an opportunity to explore, to learn, and to see the beauty in the complexities of life.

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