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Today is February 29th, and welcome to The Daily Quote – a podcast designed to kickstart your day in a positive way. I’m your host, Andrew McGivern, and I’m happy you are here with me today.

Now, you might be glancing at your calendar, scratching your head, and wondering if you’ve somehow slipped into an alternate dimension. Fear not, my time-traveling friend, for February 29th is that rare guest that only shows up every four years, much like a comet or a good hair day. Yes, today we celebrate Leap Day, a day that exists to keep our calendars in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun, and to give everyone an extra 24 hours to do something remarkable… or, you know, to just catch up on sleep.

In the spirit of seizing this additional day with both hands, I’ve picked a quote from the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, who had a knack for getting right to the heart of what it means to live a life full of purpose and positivity.

Ziglar once said,

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

This quote feels particularly apt for Leap Day, a day that’s all about making the most of unexpected opportunities.

Ziglar’s words remind us that greatness isn’t about where you begin; it’s about taking that first step, no matter how small or uncertain it may seem.

On this Leap Day, let’s take Ziglar’s advice to heart. It’s the perfect occasion to start something new, something you’ve been putting off because you felt you weren’t ready or weren’t good enough yet. Whether it’s a new hobby, a project, or a personal goal, today’s the day to take that leap. After all, this day only comes around once every four years—what better time to start than on a day that’s all about making the most of extra opportunities?

Ziglar’s quote is a powerful reminder that every great journey starts with a single step. It’s not about waiting until everything is perfect or until you feel you’ve reached a certain level of skill or readiness. It’s about starting where you are, with what you have, and growing from there. It’s about embracing the possibility of today, the extra 24 hours we’ve been given, to make a move towards the greatness we aspire to.

So, whether you’re a Leapling celebrating a rare birthday or someone just looking to make the most of this additional day, let Ziglar’s words inspire you. Start that thing you’ve been dreaming about. Take a step, however small, towards your goals. Remember, greatness doesn’t require a grand beginning—it just requires a beginning.

Thank you for joining me on this extra special Leap Day edition of The Daily Quote. I’m Andrew McGivern, reminding you that today is a gift—an extra page in the book of 2024 we’ve all been given to write a new chapter, to start anew towards greatness. Until next time, take that leap and start your journey to greatness!

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