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Apple juice and cider production is a major industry in the US, with approximately 175,350 tonnes (193,290 tons) of apple pomace being produced in the 2021-2022 growing season. Apple pomace is the fibrous waste material that is generated as a byproduct of this production.

While this material is currently just discarded, new research suggests that it could be used to boost the health of chickens.

Discarded Organic waste can be harmful to the environment.

Food waste that ends up in landfill increases the amount of methane gas that is released into the atmosphere, leading to further environmental damage. Allowing perfectly good food to go to waste also has serious consequences, as mold spores can be released into the air and breathed in when opening the lid of a bin containing organic waste. Furthermore, oxygen depletion, water contamination, and even soil erosion are all possible outcomes of improperly disposed organic waste.

Apple Juice and Apple Cider industry waste can be UpCycled to make chickens healthier.

A team of scientists at Cornell University led by Assoc. Prof. Elad Tako and doctoral student Cydney Jackson sought to investigate whether apple-pomace-enhanced feed might improve the health of broiler chickens, using an established model for evaluating the effects of plant-based compounds on gut health. To do so, they injected apple pomace extract into the amniotic fluid of developing embryos inside chicken eggs.

When the eggs hatched and the chicks were analyzed, it was found that as compared to a control group, the pomace extract increased their transport system for amino acids, improved their bioavailability of iron, boosted microbial populations in their large intestine, and supported the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Recycling for the win…

Read the research paper published in the journal, Nutrients.

Source: Cornell University

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