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New Blood Test can test for 50 cancers at the same time

011 – Blood Test Screens for 50 Cancer Types

A New Genetic Discovery Leads to Breakthrough in Lung Cancer Treatment Why can’t I fall asleep at night? Research results shed some light on the problem. Ultralight fabric solar cell can turn any surface into a power source A Breakthrough Medical Procedure can Eliminate Prostate Cancer in One Hour. A New Blood Test Identifies over 50 Types of Cancer in a Breakthrough in Early Cancer Detection.

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Iceland has a goal: Be the first carbon neutral country in the world

009 – Iceland Sets Goal to be FIRST Carbon Neutral Country

Human Brain Tissue Implanted in Mice Responds to Light Just Like Other Brain Tissue. A New “Heat Engine” Produces Electricity With Zero Moving Parts Using Unrecyclable Plastic Waste in Road Asphalt The Airline Industry May Soon be Disrupted by “Flying Air Taxis” The Size and Scope of the Mayan Empire is revealed by LiDAR Survey in Guatemala. Iceland sets the goal to be the first carbon-neutral country

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Live Bacteria Therapeutics

007 – Live Bacterial Therapeutics

Getting out for walks reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia What is the secret recipe for Fatty Liver disease? - Fast Food Green Mediterranean Diet Proven to reduce visceral fat New Synthetic molecule that can seek and destroy cancer cells Study shows type 2 diabetes and possibly other chronic diseases can be cured with Live Bacterial Therapeutics

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MicroNuclear Reactor

006 – MicroNuclear

A new protein discovered that can reverse muscle aging Healthy behaviors reduce the risk of cognitive decline expecting mothers can protect kids from heart disease before they are born A wearable heart monitor the size of a postage stamp can scan your heart while on your daily routine Simple hydrogel injection can substantially relieve lower back pain Micronuclear reactors may be the future of power

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Fighting Cancer and Aging at the same time

005 – Fighting Cancer and Aging

A New More Effective Sunscreen Has Been Developed That Does NOT Harm Coral Reefs. New Tracking Technology Tracks Sharks as They are Born! Solar-powered reactor converts plastics and CO2 into sustainable fuels A New Wearable Voice Monitor Warns Voice Professionals When to Save Their Voice for Later. A New Discovery Could Lead to a New Way to Fight Cancer and Aging!

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High Seas Treaty

Great News 003 – The High Seas Treaty

Potential New Alzheimers Disease Treatment Reduces Amyloid Paque by up to 80% A Hormone Injection May Sober You Up Quicker When You are Really Drunk Bumble Bees Can Learn (and TEACH) How to Open a Puzzle Box China Sets New Rules for Gene Editing of Humans The High-Seas Treaty is Set to Protect up to ONE-THIRD of the World’s Oceans!

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