Child Mortality

Child Mortality has fallen dramatically over the last 200 years.

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Episode 1: 
 A Better World.

In episode 1 of the Great News Podcast, we talked about how the World is better now than at any time in history - in almost every measurable way.

Some people say they don't want to bring Children into the world because things are so bad...

In this episode we asked, what if you were born a few hundred years ago and you were the richest and most powerful human in the World, King Louie the 14th.

Would that be a good era to have children?

King Louie XIV had five children:

- 2 Died before they reached 6 months of age

- 2 Died before reaching the age of 5

- And his last child died (before King Louie did) at the age of 50.

If this could happen to people living in Versailles, an oppulent palace, then imagine the conditions outside the palace walls.

It was normal (and expected) for families to lose 3 or 4 children.

Certainly this was not a good time to have children.

But if not then... when is the best time to have kids?

A Better World

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Child Mortality

At least from a Child Mortality point of view NOW is the best time in history to have children.

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