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Researchers have developed a new cancer-fighting foam that utilizes the same whipping siphon used in the culinary world to deliver oxygen directly to tumors, making them more susceptible to treatment.

The new foam was inspired by whipping cream and it can help cancer treatment by bringing oxygen into tumors. Cancer cells thrive in a hypoxic environment where there is no oxygen. This makes tumors resistant to treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used to oxygenate the body and help make treatment more effective but researchers wanted an easier and more targeted way of bringing oxygen into tumors.

The foam, which is made out of edible materials and oxygen, is injected into the tumor and has been shown in mouse studies to increase tumor responsiveness to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

If successful in human trials, this new tool could be a critical addition to the cancer-fighting arsenal.

Read the Study > Low-Cost, High-Pressure-Synthesized Oxygen-Entrapping Materials to Improve Treatment of Solid Tumors

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