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Sweden has recently unveiled its first electric vehicle charging road, which charges electric vehicles as they drive. The almost 2 km long eRoadArlanda, located near Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, is an innovative solution that provides a convenient and sustainable way to power electric vehicles on long journeys.

This short test road is the first step in Sweden’s plan for more than 20 000 km of streets that will charge EVs.

The eRoadArlanda charging system uses conductive technology, in which an arm extends from the bottom of the vehicle to connect to a charging rail embedded in the road. The system allows electric vehicles to recharge their batteries while driving, thereby eliminating the need to stop at charging stations or wait for the battery to charge. This technology enables electric vehicles to travel longer distances and reduces range anxiety for drivers.

Range anxiety is a term used to describe the fear or concern that electric vehicle drivers may have about running out of battery power before reaching their destination, especially when there are no charging stations available.

The eRoadArlanda project is part of Sweden’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2045 and reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. The system is also expected to lower carbon emissions and reduce noise pollution, as electric vehicles are quieter than gasoline-powered vehicles.

The eRoadArlanda project is an excellent example of innovation that can help reduce carbon emissions and make electric vehicles more convenient and accessible.

This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we travel, and it could pave the way for similar initiatives in other countries. In fact, Germany, Israel, and Italy have all implemented similar projects. And in the USA, Indiana and Detroit are working on similar charging systems.

In conclusion, Sweden’s eRoadArlanda charging system is a significant milestone in the development of electric vehicle infrastructure. It is an innovative solution that provides a sustainable and convenient way to power electric vehicles, and it has the potential to transform the way we travel. As more countries focus on reducing carbon emissions, electric vehicle infrastructure will become increasingly important, and solutions like eRoadArlanda will play a vital role in achieving a carbon-neutral future.

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