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Despite being portrayed negatively in the media, police officers are doing a great job of helping their communities. They are responsible for fulfilling their duties in law enforcement, serving the public, and protecting human rights.

Most police interactions with the public are positive, with officers typically displaying a friendly tone of voice and a respectful attitude. The majority of Americans rate police encounters as respectful, fair, and positive, according to Gallup.

Data from a variety of sources indicate that those coming into contact with law enforcement generally rate their experiences favorably.

Research indicates that a single positive nonenforcement-related encounter can enhance an individual’s perception of police officers.

And this is a great example of a Police Officer making a difference in his local community.

South Bend police officer Ron Glon showed up Sunday afternoon to the lemonade stand of 12-year-old Jaelynn Wilson and his four-year-old brother, not to shut it down, but to help Jaelynn open up.

Officer Glon offered to match 100% of whatever money was taken in.

This generous gesture left many speechless, including Jaelynn. Marcia Brown, a repeat customer of Jaelynn’s, was also surprised by Officer Glon’s kind act.

For everyone involved, the purpose was larger than simply selling lemonade.

Officer Glon wanted to show young kids like Jaeylnn that they have nothing to fear, especially in a time where many people stand divided.

Jaelynn is thankful for Officer Glon’s help and is striving for his dream of turning his lemonade stand into a food truck one day and joining the NBA.

Read the full article and watch the news report >> Officer Helps 12-year-old with lemonade stand

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