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Flying Cars could disrupt the airline industry

There has been the promise of flying cars since the 1970s with TV Shows like the Jetsons showing families zipping around highways in the sky.

This method of transportation never came to fruition but that may be changing soon…

There are a lot of new startups that are trying to make flying cars a reality. Especially for connecting people from land transit hubs to points of interest.

Tesla, Uber, and other companies have expressed interest in having a self-driving network of ‘taxis’ that would take people wherever they needed to go (on the ground).

But they also said the future of ‘cars’ will be in the air. And it turns out this may be happening sooner than you think!

The development of electric air taxis has the potential to disrupt the airline industry.

There are a number of potential eVTOL designs being manufactured right now that will be coming to a ‘skyway’ near you!

These eVTOLs offer a faster and more efficient alternative to cars, particularly for trips ranging from 150 to 800 kilometers.

Mainstream automobile manufacturers have invested heavily in eVTOL technology but it isn’t just the automotive industry that is involved…

Major airlines such as Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines have already invested in this technology, indicating that they recognize the potential for eVTOLs to revolutionize the way people travel.

If companies are able to manufacture and certify these aircraft quickly and make them available close to where consumers are located, then the market size for electric air taxis could be huge.

This could lead to a shift away from traditional airlines for certain trips, allowing people to save time and reduce their carbon footprint.

Image by Michael Bußmann from Pixabay

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