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Protecting bats from wind turbines

Drones can be used to protect bats from the dangers of wind turbines.

Wind Turbines are dangerous for birds and bats, both of which can be killed by collisions with the spinning blades. However, bats are even more susceptible to injury and death because the turbines create a low-pressure system under the blades which causes a rapid expansion of the bat’s capillaries that damages organs.

Recent research by Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa has developed a unique drone-mounted technology that transmits a combination of ultrasonic signals and lights to deter bats, leading them to fly at a higher altitude and away from the turbines

By using a drone-mounted system with sound and light emitters attached to its plastic struts, researchers have had success in rerouting bats above the turbine blades, avoiding the low-pressure field that could otherwise cause their organs to explode.

This technology could save up to 500,000 bats a year from death due to wind turbines, while still allowing for green energy production. This development is an important step towards protecting these vulnerable species, and a hopeful sign that renewable energy sources can be used responsibly.

It is an effective and easily-implemented solution with great benefit to both the bats and human society.

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