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A new technology called Air-gen, developed by scientists in Massachusetts, allows for the generation of electricity from the moisture in the air.

credit: Derek Lovley/Ella Maru Studio

The device uses a protein nanowire film derived from bacteria species, which is sandwiched between two electrodes and generates electricity via humidity absorbed within the fine pores of the film.

The Air-gen effect is capable of generating electricity from any kind of material that has holes smaller than 100 nm and can generate kilowatts of electricity that are non-polluting, renewable, and low-cost.

The device can function even in areas with extremely low humidity, such as the Sahara Desert, and has significant advantages over other forms of renewable energy because it does not require sunlight or wind, and can even work indoors.

The technology relies on the mean free path or the distance a single molecule of water travels in the air before it bumps into another, creating a charge imbalance that functions as a battery.

The device can operate 24/7, rain or shine, and can efficiently be scaled up to increase energy output without increasing its physical footprint. [1]

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