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A new wearable system being developed by a team of scientists, engineers, opera singers and a speech-language pathologist from Northwestern University may be of great help to professional singers, public speakers, and voice actors.

Podcasters, Voice Actors, Singers, and Speakers can avoid voice strain with this new wearable tech!

The setup consists of two devices: a vibrational sensor that is attached to the chest and a haptic feedback unit worn on the wrist. Both are wirelessly connected to an app on the user’s smartphone.

The sensor captures the vibrations of the user’s vocal cords, which are then processed using machine learning algorithms to determine the frequency, volume, amplitude, and duration of speech, as well as the times during which vocalizations occur.

If the app determines that the user is approaching their pre-set vocal threshold, it sends a warning by causing the haptic feedback unit to vibrate. A display on the app provides additional information and recommendations for rest.

The system is designed to help prevent vocal cord injury due to overuse while also ensuring privacy as it does not record what is being said.

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