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Polish inventor, Piotr Tluszcz, was inspired to work on a solution to evacuating injured Ukrainians after observing the difficulties faced by the medal first responders which often involved getting the injured out on rough terrain. He noticed they were just putting the seriously injured into the back of a vehicle.

So he went to work designing the Life Chariot – a trailer with a stretcher and two seats that can be towed by anything with a trailer hitch.

Winner of the Humanitarian Dyson Award

The Life Chariot’s receiving the 2023 Humanitarian Dyson Award is a testament to the impact of innovative design in addressing real-world challenges. This invention is not just a product; it’s a solution that enhances the capabilities of emergency services, potentially saving lives.

The Life Chariot’s design, which allows for rapid and flexible transportation of patients, reflects a deep understanding of the needs of emergency responders. This award acknowledges the importance of practical, user-focused design in creating products that make a tangible difference in society. It also inspires future inventors and designers to focus on humanitarian applications of their work.

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