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Tired of all the doom and gloom news from mainstream media, you’ll get none of that here…

Instead, you’ll find inspiring stories and developments that are making the world a better place!

Today’s Great News

  • Brain Damage may be reversible thanks to brain organoids
  • Spending time in nature can reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs
  • New medical whip cream oxygenates tumors to make cancer treatment more effective
  • GMO Worms can detect air pollutants and alert us by glowing!
  • Could our microbiomes be contagious? A study says… yes!

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  • Treating Brain Damage May Be Possible Soon Thanks to Brain Organoids

    It is possible that brain injuries could be treated in the future thanks to brain organoids. A new study from the University of Pennsylvania demonstrates this potential. In the study, little blobs of human brain tissue were transplanted into rats and, within three months, were shown to integrate with the surrounding rat brain tissue. Furthermore, […]

  • Spending Time in Nature Can Reduce the Need for Pharmaceutical Drugs.

    Is it possible to spend a little time in green spaces and become healthier just by doing that? New research suggests that spending time in green spaces can indeed reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs. A recent study from Finland found lower use of drugs for depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and asthma among […]

  • New medical whip cream oxygenates tumors to make cancer treatment more effective.

    Researchers have developed a new cancer-fighting foam that utilizes the same whipping siphon used in the culinary world to deliver oxygen directly to tumors, making them more susceptible to treatment. The new foam was inspired by whipping cream and it can help cancer treatment by bringing oxygen into tumors. Cancer cells thrive in a hypoxic […]

  • GMO Worms Can Detect Air Pollutants And Alert Us by Glowing

    Can worms tell you if the air quality of your interior space is safe? They can… by glowing in the dark!!! Yes, it is true that genetically modified worms can glow in the dark when exposed to indoor air pollution. This was demonstrated in a study conducted by researchers from the University of Turku in […]

  • Could Our Microbiomes Be Contagious? A study says yes!

    The research led by microbiologist Nicola Segata from the University of Trento in Italy suggests that the trillions of microbes that call our bodies home could be more contagious than previously thought. The findings are based on more than 9,000 stool and saliva samples collected from participants with known connections to each other, and reveal […]

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