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There are many benefits to urban tree cover. Many cities are planting trees to help counter inner city heat accumulation and to improve the livability of the city. But now there are buildings being designed with trees and plants built into the structure.

The Wonderwoods Vertical Forest, a mixed-use building in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is covered in thousands of plants and hundreds of trees, which are equivalent to approximately 2.5 acres of forest. The tower, which reaches a maximum height of 105m, contains 200 apartments and 15,000 sq m of office space, as well as restaurant and social areas.

The plants help to reduce noise pollution, provide shade and lower temperature, and are expected to produce around 41 tonnes of oxygen each year.

Green spaces in urban environments have been proven to reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs and improve overall health. And urban green space can also reduce the need for air conditioning by lower the temperature of the building naturally.

The plants will be maintained with a rainwater capture irrigation system. The project is expected to be completed in 2024. [1] 

Italian architecture firm Boeri Studio is behind the design of this green building. Boeri Studio is known for its innovative and sustainable projects. Founded in 1993 by Stefano Boeri, the studio has gained international recognition for its work on the Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) in Milan, two residential towers covered in vegetation that provide natural insulation and air purification. In addition to their work on sustainable architecture, Boeri Studio has also designed cultural and institutional buildings, urban plans, and landscape interventions. Some of their notable projects include the Generali Tower in Milan, the Tirana Riverside Masterplan in Albania, and the Nuova Scuola in Milan. Boeri Studio is committed to creating designs that prioritize sustainability, community, and the health and well-being of individuals and the environment.  

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