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Live Bacteria Therapeutics

007 – Live Bacterial Therapeutics

Getting out for walks reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia What is the secret recipe for Fatty Liver disease? - Fast Food Green Mediterranean Diet Proven to reduce visceral fat New Synthetic molecule that can seek and destroy cancer cells Study shows type 2 diabetes and possibly other chronic diseases can be cured with Live Bacterial Therapeutics

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Fighting Cancer and Aging at the same time

005 – Fighting Cancer and Aging

A New More Effective Sunscreen Has Been Developed That Does NOT Harm Coral Reefs. New Tracking Technology Tracks Sharks as They are Born! Solar-powered reactor converts plastics and CO2 into sustainable fuels A New Wearable Voice Monitor Warns Voice Professionals When to Save Their Voice for Later. A New Discovery Could Lead to a New Way to Fight Cancer and Aging!

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