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The future of solar energy is here!

MIT engineers have developed an ultralight fabric solar cell that can quickly and easily turn any surface into a power source. This paper-thin, ultra-lightweight device is made of semiconducting inks and is one-hundredth the weight of conventional solar panels.

It can generate 18 times more power per kilogram than traditional solar cells and can be easily integrated into built environments with minimal installation needs. With their flexibility, durability, and efficiency, these solar fabrics could revolutionize the way we harness renewable energy from the sun.

“The metrics used to evaluate a new solar cell technology are typically limited to their power conversion efficiency and their cost in dollars-per-watt. Just as important is integrability — the ease with which the new technology can be adapted. The lightweight solar fabrics enable integrability, providing impetus for the current work. We strive to accelerate solar adoption, given the present urgent need to deploy new carbon-free sources of energy”

Vladimir Bulović


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